Pawer4nature range

If they could read, they'd choose us, meanwhile it's up to you, so we are here to make your choice easier. 

I was always close to nature and animals. Coming from Slovakia, we always looked for remedies in nature, for natural teas, balms when we needed them.

I had for some time issues with my sensitive scalp and could use only one shampoo, but I didn't like it, because it was medicated. So I looked for an answer in making my own homemade remedy. After searching on the internet as it is in my very nature, I started to question the reliability, credibility and safety of recipes I found. I slowly got into balm making, from there to soap making and in a short period of time I resolved my scalp issues.

And then I found Mayca and her Wapo Beauty School. I attended her classes, and I knew I'm in the right place.

Having at home cats, dog, fish, guinea pig I started to look into care I was giving them with store bought products. I was really surprised and shocked by the discoveries I was making. I digged deep into regulations, standards, tests, and all pets related.

I then made a decision - I wanted to create a brand that truly cared about the quality of ingredients and safety of the product for animals and people. Pet care products are by laws regarded as detergents, so manufacturers are not obliged to list ingredients or allergens on labels. This can pose a big risk to animals, but as well to people who are applying these products on their beloved pets. I want to change this. I look on Pawer4Nature as sophisticated luxury. I'm sure if pets could read, they'd choose us, meanwhile I'm here to make people's choice easier.